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Velocity Press

Time Travel: Could Adolf Hitler have won WW-II?.

Time travel is back in the news, with a major article in the New York Times.

WW-II buffs especially are in for a real treat with Tom Holzel's novel "Ballard's War,"(Commonwealth Publications, 1996. Some copies still available from amazon.com, but you might have to search for it under my name, rather than under the novel's title!).

For a brief description and sample chapter, see the "What's New page."

The Threatened Citizen: The Pros and Cons of Concealed Weapons Carry
With many States liberalizing the issuance of "concealed carry" permits--permits to allow citizens to carry handguns--many of us may be considering obtaining such a permit in order to be able to protect ourselves. The upside seems plain enough: No more Mr. Nice Guy when threatened by a street thug, and woe to anyone deciding that your television set is just what he needs to complete his room decor. The down side is--well what IS the downside anyway? This essay addresses that question--a question that has been far too often passed-over in unconscious fear that under the onslaught of anti-gun sentiment, mentioning anything negative about gun ownership is somehow tantamount to giving ammunition to the enemy. But to avoid the issue is merely taking "ammunition" (knowledge) away from those who most need it--the threatened citizen.
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Knee Replacement Surgery From the patient's viewpoint. Painful? Long Recovery? Not Necessarily so. See "Catalog Page."

Individuality & the "Wired Society."br>
The idea of the loss of privacy occurring as a result of everyone being wired-up and in instant communication with each other at all times is a theme that strikes me as having the potential for much greater fallout of unintended consequences than most people would believe. We already have the situation of mountain guides getting evening calls at home from climbers on the ground, asking on their cell phones for direction up (or down) some route on which they have become lost. And expecting detailed instructions!

READ IT NOW on Custom Page 4.


Did Mallory & Irvine beat Hillary & Norkay to the Summit of Mt. Everest?
The Mystery of Mallory & Irvine. Did this intrepid pair reach the summit of Mt. Everest in 1924, twenty-nine years before the definte success of Hillary and Norkay? The climbing community is divided on the issue. Read the Final Word by the man who started the whole controversy.

Go to "About" page.

Photo of map shows the route of Noel Odell, written in his own hand (and traced in color by VelocityPress) showing the disputed location of Camp 6 and his subsequent path above it.)

Air Rifles--the fly fishing of hunting equipment.
Taking small game with air rifles is the fly-fishing of hunting. But in today's hectic, suburbanized world, where can anyone learn to hunt? Today's Dad's can't teach you--they're too busy practicing arbitrage. Most books on "Hunting" begin by extolling the virtues of this particular shotgun, or the durability of LL Bean boots, but none teach a beginner how to get started--and how to get really good.

Well, "The Air Rifle Hunter's Guide" won't teach you how to take grizzly in Alaska, either. But it will teach you everything you need to know about how to hunt crows on suburban farms--and that may be much tougher than shooting a griz'.

Pick up a copy, but be sure to do so before buying an air rifle. (I know--reading instructions is not a man-thing.) But you'll learn to separate the wheat from the chaff as far as air gun "power," accuracy and and maximum effective range claims are concerned BEFORE you buy the wrong rifle. You'll also learn about camouflage--what works (very little) and what doesn't (most of it).

But the most important thing is to go out and do it. Real hunting is not a computer game.

Go to the Beeman Precision Air Gun site to order your copy today.